Over 80% of children working in the brickyards are uneducated and illiterate, ensuring that they never move beyond slavery. Without an education, their options for a sustainable life outside of the brickyards are limited. For kids growing up i the brickyards, education is their biggest hope.

We are actively opening new schools as frequently as possible within the brickyards to provide access to education for as many children as possible. Our schools offer a K-5th grade public school education that focuses on reading and writing. With each school we open we have new opportunities to reach more families, educate more kids, and employ new teachers.

Young women in the brickyards are particularly vulnerable to abuse, violence, persecution, and trafficking. With that in mind, we have begun opening all-girls trade schools to provide a safe, practical educational opportunity for young women to find a path out of the brickyards.


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